Our Services

Our Range of Services Will Enhance Skills Across Your Business

From online and workshop training courses, to online coaching and course creation - we can help.


Online Learning

Learn online, at your own pace and in any location.  Ideal for those wanting flexibility in training and perfect for these uncertain times when many of us are working from home.


Our online courses feature video modules, question sections and quizzes.  Each element is highly interactive and ensures that you can easily absorb the key skills development points.  


Managers will also receive regular reports on course participation - you will clearly see your positive investment in training.

Workshop Training

We have been producing workshop training courses for over sixteen years and offer full customisation to include your products/services and marketplace within the course content.  


The mix of seminar theory, practical exercises and interactive role play elements, ensure your staff will retain all the key content, ready to apply it to their role straight away.

Chief gathering his managers for the meeting

Online Coaching Sessions

We are able to host online coaching sessions.  These can be 1-to-1 sessions for individuals that need help developing a particular skill, or for small teams that need guidance to overcome a specific hurdle.


Online coaching is completely flexible - we will create a series of sessions and supporting exercises, that will respond to your staff's very specific requirements.

Course Creation

We also offer a course creation service.  We can turn your material into an online course for you to then roll out to your team or whole company.


Perhaps you have a new company handbook you need to ensure all staff have read and understood; perhaps you have a new product line about to launch; perhaps you want to consolidate your induction process for new staff - it does not matter what internal process you need to train your staff on, we can create a user-friendly, modular online course.