A variety of courses covering the many facets of technical sales - from a broad overview of sales to focused explorations of key account management.

Distributor Management

Courses that explore a number of topics within the role of Distributor Management

Leadership & Management

Are you new to management or are you looking to expand your existing skills? Our courses cover a number of topics, such as key management skills and how to motivate your team.

HR Skills

Whether your company has a dedicated HR dept. or not, it is highly beneficial for managers and team leaders to have an awareness and understanding of key HR tasks and issues.

Recruiting & Interviewing

Develop your skills in all aspects of the recruitment process - from advertising, searching for candidates, interviewing and producing job offers.

Customer Service Skills

These courses are beneficial to any member of staff that interacts with customers - whether that be face-to-face, via the phone or in writing.

Communication Skills

Good communication skills are essential for most roles in business - whether you are customer-facing or working within a team.

Presentation Skills

Learn how to create sleek and powerful presentations to get your message across loud and clear - whether it be a presentation to fellow staff or perhaps, customers.